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Campus Energy has an array of electricity supply solutions to help control your company’s costs, manage consumption and meet sustainability objectives. We have flexible plans and a proven infrastructure to provide reliable service, and our knowledgeable team at Campus will help you select the right plan for your business from our range of solutions.

Floating (AESO Pool Price)

If your company has unpredictable usage patterns, you may want to select this plan which fluctuates with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) hourly rate.

  • Ideal for businesses with unpredictable consumption patterns
  • Prices vary as set by the real-time AESO hourly rate
  • Ideal for businesses that have budget and/or operational flexibility to offset the risk of volatile hourly power pool prices

Fixed Block Plan

Get stability for your budgets, and the flexibility to react to the AESO pool price. With a fixed price for a portion of your usage, and the ability to sell back what you don’t use for a credit.

  • Ideal for businesses that want to strike a balance between budget stability and remaining open to AESO pool price
  • Your volume and price risk are managed by fixing the price for a portion of your monthly consumption; the remainder is purchased on an hourly basis at AESO pool price
  • Unused consumption is sold back at AESO pool price with debits or credits flowing to the account

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